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Located in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast, just north-east of Rockhampton, GANTPMV is accredited with the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors and the American Society of Appraisers to provide Marine Surveys and Assessment Reports.  Services include:-

  • Insurance Risk Surveys and Assessments
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys and Finance Assessments
  • Full Mechanical Survey
  • Accountancy Surveys and Assessments
  • Legal Surveys and Assessments
  • Instruction on Vessel Operation
  • Ocean and Coastal Deliveries; and
  • General All Purpose Surveys and Assessments.

Types of Surveys:-

  1. Wet Marine Surveys – a survey where the inspection is undertaken when the vessel is docked in the water
  2. Dry Marine Surveys – a survey where the vessel is removed from the water and placed in a dry   A full hull inspection is undertaken.
  3. Mechanical Marine Surveys – is where a full inspection of the vessels motors systems and review of the maintenance program is undertaken.
  4. Full Run Mechanical Marine Surveys – the vessel is physically taken to the open water and ‘taken through its paces’, (so to speak). The owner of the vessel is encouraged to accompany the Surveyor.

Type of Crafts for Marine Surveys or Assessment:-

  • Sailing Boats
  • Power Boats
  • Run-a-Bouts
  • Cruisers; and
  • Jetski’s

GantPMV Picture of Boat Marine Surveys

Network and Coverage:-

  • Queensland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • America
  • Canada


Full comprehensive reports are provided based on detailed inspections of the visual, structural and safety aspects of any marine vessel.  Both wet and dry inspections are undertaken to ensure the structural integrity, safety and sea worthiness of the asset.

All fitted equipment and systems including electrical, electronic plumbing, navigation and both inboard or outboard motor systems are all inspected and tested to ensure working order is established.


Like the acquisition of any asset an independent third-party inspection is essential.  Piece of mind, reduction in unforeseen surprises, correct insurance coverage and value of money are all positives that come from a third party.  GANTPMV can provide both third party Survey and Assessment data to the client.


Getting out on the water is a favorite Aussie past-time, as sure as a Merino Rack-of-Lamb, a Flame Grilled Angus T-Bone, a Pacific Ocean Tiger Prawn, a Western Australian Lobster on the BBQ, a Sydney Rock Oyster ‘Al La Naturale’ or a nicely fitting cotton T from the western region of Toowoomba – the great ‘Darling Downs’!  GANTPMV wants to help you make sure that the vessel you purchase is as suitable for your needs and requirements to enable the freedom that you deserve.

Purchasing a boat is a big, and most times a luxury, investment and things can go wrong, issues do arise and mishaps can leave you ‘Shit Out of Luck’!  That is why the best possible advice is a necessity of boat ownership.

Engaging Marine Surveys to assist you along the way makes for perfect sense.  A quality condition survey is the second-best investment that you will make in the buying process.  GANTPMV not only provides this investment but also on-going and updated reporting that may be for your particular vessel/baby.

The Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors encourages boat owners to only engage Marine Surveyors who are members and Associates of the professional body.

To become a member of the AIMS, surveyors must provide evidence of their qualifications and experience that support the area of specialization they advertise.  AIMS Surveyors also commit and adhere to the AIMS Code of Professional Practice.


Lets face it, watercrafts can be unpredictable.  Whether sailboats, power boats, run-a-bouts,  cruisers or jetski’s, issues can arise such as, but not limited to:-

  1. Engine Problems
  2. Electric Systems
  3. Failing or Broken Bilge Pumps
  4. Saturated Foam Cores
  5. Rot (Wood, Transom and Deck Coring)
  6. Bad Stringers
  7. Cabin Leaks
  8. Hull to Deck Separation
  9. Leaking Lower Units; and
  10. More…. ‘not to discourage you at all’


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