Economic and Market Research

Current Knowledge of Economic and Market Research trends ensures that entry into the prospective market has the backing of being well informed.  Whether a property sector or business market and/or economic indicators will assist in making the right decision.  Areas such as market activity, competitors, future growth possibilities and population trends can determine success or failure of your venture.GANTPMV Economic and Market Research

For decision makers, concise market research enables for insights within particular market sectors for an increase in confidence that the correct decisions are made for sustainable future growth of the product or business.

By analysing past trends, current indicators and emerging markets, future trends can be determined.  The right decisions are best made today then having the wrong outcome in the future.

Market Research in terms of property can range from analysis of Vacant Land (sizes, prices and number of sales), Construction Costs (types of construction), Sale Movement Analysis (time on the market), Sale Price Analysis (sale price brackets), Type of Properties being sold (dwellings, units, number of bedrooms etc), Future Developments in the planning are all sectors that prospective developers must look at before proceeding in a particular development.

Market Research in terms of business can include; competitors, emerging markets, future growth in population and the local and greater economies.  These areas form part of any business proposal and income projections to attract possible investors or finance companies.

An increase in economic activity leads to population growth, then activity within the property market, infrastructure projects follow and then potential growth in property rents and capital growth.  Many aspects contribute to this overall process and thus highlights the importance of Property Market and Economic Research.

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