Acquisition Valuations and Compensation

When dealing with the prospect of losing a portion or the whole of your property whether by the Government or a Private Company’s acquisition, getting the right amount of compensation is a must to ensure that the owner/client is not short changed.  There are many factors that can influence a loss when part or whole of a property is resumed.  The percentage of property that is to be resumed, the length of time of the resumption (ie short term, long term or indefinitely), and any loss of income and GANTPMV Acquisition Valuations and Compensationinconvenience are just a few.

Compensation is generally determined by the loss of Market Value to the Subject Property in addition to other inconveniences and/or incidentals.

Resumption when it comes to agricultural property is a different story, especially when it comes to cropping.  When resumption is to take place through a cropping paddock in some cases the resumption can affect the whole growing season of that crop, which must be taken into consideration.  When it comes to say a Dairy Farm; where the governing body wants to construct a throughway through a paddock.  This could affect the natural flow of dairy cows to the dairy, thus effecting the functionability of the operation.

The Acquisition and Compensation process can be long and tedious because you are generally dealing with government bodies and therefore Red Tape is often thick.  But you, the property owner or client have rights under the law.  An assessment of what is being acquired and other matters is highly recommended prior to agreeing to any monetary payment.

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We provide expert valuation reports in the following classes of assets.

  • 1. Resumptions

    Government resumptions can range for a variety of purposes.  They can arise from constructing new drainage easements, widening of roadways or even resuming the whole property for a major carriageway.

  • 2. Compensation From Authority Acquisitions

    When dealing with a Governing body that want to Compulsory Resume your property, anybody with an interest in that property is entitled to compensation.  Engagement of a Property Valuer is a must to ensure the correct amount of compensation is paid.

  • 3. Property and Machinery Forced Disposals and Auctions

    When a company goes into liquidation, the Plant, Machinery and Equipment become the focus for disposal for creditors to retrieve monies owing. Either way the full amount payable is required before the item is released and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all removal costs. It is important to note that all vehicles sold are un-registered or transferal is required prior to release.

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